Outer Space

Communication from outer space!

This unique live webcast linked a conference at Queen’s University in Kingston with the International Space Station (ISS). Participants were able to ask questions to astronaut Drew Feustel as he floated high above the earth.

The live stream was the result of collaboration between NASA, the Queen’s IT department, Webcast Canada and Palomar Productions.

Event Webcasting

Viewers feel like they’re attending in person.

Webcasting extends beyond traditional business conferences. Cultural events, musical interludes, press briefings and many events indoors or outdoors. Our fully equipped, experienced multi-camera crew can capture every angle of your event.

This event featured the British Royal Couple (Prince Charles and Camilla Parker- Bowles) at a special Canada Day event to launch the opening of a new hall at the Canadian Museum of History.

Flexible Layout

Video + Logo + Slides

The possibilities are endless for how the video is laid out, displayed and structured. By branding the video, it allows you to post or share, knowing your name is still associated with the content.

This medical presentation for The Endocrine Society allowed members of various media outlets to view and participate in the presentation without having to attend the conference.

Various options are available for presentations including multi camera, full screen slides, polling, twitter feeds, and other products to help engage your audience. Our production team is ready to guide you through producing the best product that helps strengthen your corporate brand.

Remote Presenters

Viewers feel like they’re attending in person.

Great presenters have limited time to attend every conference or meeting they are asked to speak at. Offering to have the presenter attend and speak remotely, can help improve your audience participation and engagement.

Our production team can work closely with the presenter to ensure they are seen and heard with the best quality possible. The presenter also has options to show their own slides, videos or screen share.